Music Monday & Weekend Recap

I don't even remember when I heard this man's music for the first time, but I am so glad I did.  All of his songs tell a beautiful story- most about love, which is fine with me, but he can also be very political and controversial with his words.  I love when you know an artist is music making for the right reasons.  It's obvious Mason Jennings truly adores his career and uses his talent to respectfully inform and relay a message.  

Merry Monday!  The weekend sure flew right on by.  So, we saw Wanderlust Friday night, and it was HILARIOUS.  From Justin Theroux's ridiculousness to naked old people running in slow motion, I was cracking up the whole time!  Saturday night I drove out to San Antonio to meet one of my best friends, Sammy, along with parents and her 15-month old daughter, Lilly.  I'm kicking myself for not taking any pictures that night!  I even mentioned to Sammy that we needed to get a picture together, but it just never happened.  It was so nice catching up with her; it had been over a year since i'd last seen her.  I've known Sammy for about 11 years now.  We met in orchestra in the sixth grade back when we both played the violin, she wore pigtails everyday and I was certain I'd marry Joel Madden.

Last night I watched the Academy Awards, of course.  I rarely even care who wins which awards; I mostly just like to ooh and aah at the celebs all decked out in their fancy garbs.  Jessica Chastain, Michelle Williams and Octavia Spencer were my picks for best-dressed.  Contrary to everyone else's opinion, I did not care for Gwyneth Paltrow's cape, and I wasn't fond of Rooney Mara's barely-there white gown.  She is too much skin and bones for a dress like that.

Today I got home from work in a cleaning mood, which hardly ever happens so I had to take advantage of the desire.  After cleaning like a mad woman for a couple of hours, I started making dinner.  I tried out the baked apples with savory stuffing recipe I found on Shutterbean, and it was delicious!  I highly recommend it.

I'm working tomorrow and Wednesday and then I'm free for a couple of days.  I'm thinking of venturing out to find a new duvet cover and some decorative pillows, finally.  Cheers to your upcoming week!  May you laugh and play and love and listen to some great music!


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