Small Update

I apologize for the absence of posts this week.  It's been a crazy one for me at work, and last night Jason and I met up with some friends at the Draught House up in central Austin.  It was Jester King "Take a Glass" night.  We tried a couple of their newer brews, Petit Prince and Boxer's Revenge and got to take home some fancy stemware.  It was my first time at this pub, and I was definitely impressed.  It's got a lot of German character to it, and it's been there quite a while.  Jason's mom actually used to tend bar there when he was a kid.  And when our bellies started to grumble, there was a delicious Korean BBQ food truck right by the bier garten with delicious pork tacos, a California burrito and spicy fries to satisfy our needs.  As soon as we got home around 9:30 p.m. I pretty much passed out I was so exhausted.

But alas, my work week has finally come to an end, and I'm off to Dallas tomorrow afternoon for a fun-filled girls' weekend with my college roomies and longtime friends - Heather, Emily and Sammy.  Apparently, Heather and Em have a few surprises up their sleeves for Friday night and Saturday afternoon, if the weather allows.  I plan on taking my camera, so when I return I'll have a picture-filled post for you to enjoy.

Hope your week hasn't been as exhausting as mine.  I'll leave you with some pictures from this week:

Easter candy :)

Hunter making a sour face

Morning Mermaid at work

An Austin morning

An Austin afternoon

A dinner I made - twice baked potatoes with shrimp & a spring salad

Jason & Maeby

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