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Hello, kiddies.  Yes, yes, never fear, my heart still beats.  So sorry I've been a bad blogger this past week.  I'll use my worn-out excuse of work being crazy.  In all seriousness though, I had two four-day periods of vacation from work which was SO nice, but it made it all the more rough getting back into the swing of things, and the hotel experienced a gas leak earlier in the week which meant no hot water or hot food in the restaurants for guests.  So, as you can probably imagine, it's been a touchy week full of comped rooms and free meal vouchers.  Thankfully, the leak was finally repaired and inspected yesterday afternoon so the gas is back on and all is well in the world.

I think I mentioned before that I was traveling to Houston last weekend to see my mom and sister and help Nana continue to settle back into her house.  It was a fun little sleepover, as we all stayed a couple of nights over at Nana's.  She had an outpatient procedure Friday morning in which they administered a small electric shock to her heart hoping to cure her atrial defibrillation (abnormal heartbeat).  All went well with the procedure and she was back home within a couple of hours.  Saturday, I went over and celebrated my dad's 45th birthday with him and some family at Carrabba's (his favorite restaurant).  Then that night my dad, Rebecca (stepmother), my grandparents and I went out to Jason's Deli to celebrate Father's Day.  I hanged around with my dad and Rebecca on Sunday for a little bit.  We went out for breakfast and some grocery shopping before I made the drive back over to Austin.

I hope everyone is having the best week, and I promise to not leave you hanging that long ever again!

Here are some pictures from my little trip to Houston:

Micah (sister) and I

Me circa 1991

My dad's birthday dessert platter!

Happy Birthday, Dad

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