Playlist Post: June 2012

Hello, dear friends.  'Tis the season for another playlist!  I have realized that my "music mood" is ever-changing, which is fine I suppose; it's just a bit humorous - at least to me.  It's also very frustrating sometimes when I'm in the car or relaxing at home, and I can't think of anything I want to listen to.  I usually just end up shuffling my starred playlist on Spotify, which leads to me skipping countless songs before I finally find one that feels right for the moment.  For instance, I'm not really feeling rap and hip-hop lately.  Although, I do think there are maybe two rap(ish) songs on this June playlist.  I'm thinking my summer will be filled with a lot of dream pop, art rock, noise pop, surf rock/pop and my new favorite genre, shoegaze.  Ahhh, this playlist just makes me wanna let loose, breathe deeply, wear my hair au natural (gettin' crazy up in here) and put on some bright fuchsia lipstick.  I hope it has the same, or a similar, effect on you!  Enjoy.

By the way, I opted to exclude the playlist.com embed due to the lack of songs and/or artists from my playlist.  Sorry, guys.  Luckily you can find all of these tracks via Spotify, if you use it.

1.  "Five Seconds" - Twin Shadow
2.  "You Girl" - Sissy & the Blisters
3.  "Let's Build a Home" - The White Stripes
4.  "Moon In My Mind" - Frankie Rose
5.  "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above" - CSS
6.  "Oblivion" - Grimes
7.  "Default" - Django Django
8.  "On To The Next One" - JAY-Z
9.  "Back Of Your Neck" - Howler
10.  "Boy In Lust" - Bleeding Knees Club
11.  "Goin' To The Party" - Alabama Shakes
12.  "Sixteen Saltines" - Jack White
13.  "You Wish You Were Red" - Trailer Trash Tracys
14.  "Bone Broke" - The White Stripes
15.  "Pin" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
16.  "Black History Month" - Death From Above
17.  "Unless You Speak From Your Heart" - Porcelain Raft
18.  "Freeheart Lover" - Ghostland Observatory
19.  "Good To Go" - Yelawolf & Bun B
20.  "MindKilla" - Gang Gang Dance
21.  "Dancing On My Own" - Robyn
22.  "You Can Have It All" - Yo La Tengo
23.  "Troublemaker" - Beach House
24.  "Starpower" - Sonic Youth
25.  "Leader of the Pack" - Sleigh Bells
26.  "Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki" - Make The Girl Dance

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