Lots of magnificent things have been happening lately.  It's been really wonderful.  Jason and I took that amazing trip to the west coast.  It's finally Fall, my favorite season, even though the temperatures won't actually start to cool off for another few weeks here in Austin.  Who cares if Texas doesn't experience full "seasons" climate-wise?  Fall is a magical time of year for me - whether it's hot or cold.  It's my birthday month, my favorite holiday's month, there's an exciting new scent in the air that makes everything feel new and refreshing for some reason.  It's simply magic.  There's just no explaining it.

The Breaking Bad series finale happened, and it was even better than I was expecting it to be.  New Girl, Parenthood and Homeland are back on.  The Vampire Diaries is about to be back on.  

I successfully threw Jason a surprise party for his 30th birthday this past weekend, and so many people came out to help us celebrate, even in the gross, rainy weather.  It made my heart so happy!  I can't wait to share some pictures from the big event, thanks to Emily and Sarah, who were my fearless photographers for the evening.  

Pretty soon we'll begin our search for a rental house.  I'm a gigantic ball of nerves every time I start to think about moving.  The hassle, the time, the expenses, the deposits, the headaches, the stress... ick.  Here we go again.  At least this time, we will hopefully be moving somewhere with an actual yard for Fozzie and more square footage for our ever-growing collection of stuff we have accumulated as a couple over the past four years...

Oh, and ACL is this weekend! 

Well, it's just about bedtime for me.  I just wanted to check in and share a few things that have made me feel especially grand as of late.


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  1. So many great things happening! I had a blast at Jason's 30th! Hopefully the search for a rental will be worth the headache! I can't wait to see it! Did you and Jason get ACL passes again?! If so that is awesome!!! I will def have to love vicariously through y'all.


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