The Opposite Of Euphoria

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Remember at the beginning of the month when I posted this update (load of crap) about how everything is just so wonderful?  Well, I suppose I jinxed myself because, overall, the month of October, typically my favorite month, has been an absolute disaster.  (Random side note: as soon as starting typing up this entry, the song "(Things are) Lookin' Good" by Say Hi To Your Mom came on Spotify. How ironic.)

(Warning:  If you don't like to listen to and/or read rants on soap boxes, please discontinue reading and move on to something else.  Don't want to ruin your day.)

Jason lost a family member quite suddenly.  Our search for a rental house has proved to be way more challenging than we were expecting.  We are both rather broke.  Just found out I'll be working the evening shift on my birthday AND halloween.  And speaking of work, it's been a nonstop wreck for the past couple of weeks.  I have encountered some of the worst people on this planet just in the past few days.  I'm talking cold-blooded, soul-sucking narcissists that feel like it is their personal quest to destroy the self-esteem of others.  I know, I know.  I'm not supposed to take things people say personally.  "They're just venting."  "They just want someone to hear their frustrations."  "They're not mad at you. They're mad at the situation."  I DON'T CARE.  There is an appropriate way to voice your problems/concerns/opinions/criticism, and it's not screaming at someone who has nothing to do with the real reason you're such a black hole of death.  You don't talk to someone like they are the trash you stomp on.  A few weeks ago, right after someone finished up a malicious yelling fit directed at me, another guest leaned toward me and quietly said, "I think everyone should be required to work in customer service for at least six months to see what it's like to be treated like that."  I totally agree, sir.  This job has seriously changed me.  It has made me realize how many self-entitled jack-bottoms are out there.  Now, I just automatically expect the worst in people.  What fun.  It also doesn't help that I am a scorpio through and through.  I am super passionate about everything.  When I like something, I am obsessed.  When I hate something, I hate it with every ounce of my being.  When I'm happy, I am ecstatic.  And when I'm mad, you better run.

End of rant.

Have a lovely week, friends!


  1. oh no!!! i hope things turn for the better. my october didn't go as planned either. baby girl came way earlier than expected & my world was turned upside down. i am so grateful she's here but when my birthday came, it didn't feel like it. i spent it in the children's hospital! & our 1st wedding anniversary was spent sleeping when we could lol. we can't do anything for halloween now either. i love my baby girl but she was supposed to come November 4th lol! where do you work? i worked in the fast food & retail business for three years & i will never go back!!!

    1. I work at a hotel downtown. It was supposed to be my "transition job" from college to my dream job, but the dream job hasn't happened yet and it's been 3 years. And I have definitely been trying to find something else. Austin has a crazy competitive job market because everyone is moving here. Not sure how much longer I can do this.

      Sorry to hear about your turn of events this month! She was just too anxious to get out into the world, huh? Haha.


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