I Took My Little Sister to a Garage Rock Show

...and it was scary.

As you can see, my sister, at 14 years young, is quite beautiful...and, as I am noticing from this picture, a bit taller than I am.  Over the past few years her taste in music has blossomed a little, from The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber to Sleeping With Sirens (still not sure who these guys are) and a few other "screamo" bands.  She's been to a handful of live shows, but nothing like what I was ready to introduce her to.  One of my favorite bands that I have mentioned many times, Bass Drum of Death, is a lo-fi, fairly energetic garage rock group from Oxford, Mississippi, and they were scheduled to play at The Parish downtown on Sixth Street last Friday night.  I was planning on going for a while leading up to it, but I got really excited when I found out that my mom and sister were coming to town for my brother's official UT baseball visit that weekend.  Taking my sister to a live show with me is something I had been waiting to do for a long time.  There is an 11-year difference between us, and even when she was a little baby, I would dream about the days when we could be more than just sisters; when we would both be older and could be good friends, and the age gap wouldn't be such a big deal anymore.  Well, the time has finally come and it is frightening.  I did her hair and makeup for the evening, which I suppose made her look a little more mature, but we hadn't been at the venue for more than five minutes before two drunk guys in their 30s came up and started to make conversation with us.  I went through the redundant small talk (which sincerely annoys me to no end) with these guys and managed to not-so-casually mention that this stunning young lady next to me is my little sister who happens to be FOURTEEN.  The least drunk of the two seemed to get the hint and meandered over to the opposite side of the room while his idiotic, stumbling counterpart remained in our faces.  We managed to escape when he finally looked the other way.  After the Bass Drum of Death set, as we were leaving, another guy came up to Micah and started making conversation with her.  Let's just say I was thrilled when we were out of there and back in my car headed home.  I'm sure I sound a little silly, but this was the first time I'd witnessed my sister getting hit on and by GROWN men.  It threw me for quite a little loop, but she really enjoyed the music and, in the end, that was my only hope and intention.  It was fun to be able to experience that with her.  I got to see one of my favorite bands with my little sister/good friend, and, for that, I am nothing but grateful and oh so happy.  Here's to our next adventure!

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  1. Too bad those creeps interfered with y'all's night but I'm glad y'all still had a good time! When I was reading this I could totally relate to the little sister turns friend mentality. Such a sweet thing sisters are!



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