A Delicious Meal with a Side of Embarrassment

Yesterday evening we enjoyed Jason's valentine's gift from me - two spots in a Whole Foods cooking class called 'Taste of the South.'  It was a first for both of us, and we left extremely satisfied with intent to return sometime soon.  The menu consisted of the creamiest chicken & dumplings ever, a wedge salad with homemade buttermilk dressing, braised spring onions, marinated veggies, black eyed pea salad and buttermilk biscuits.  With the exception of our biscuits, everything turned out beautifully.  I think we used a little too much flour when forming our biscuits, so they turned out a tad dry, but I am more than willing to give them another go.  I highly recommend one of these classes if you enjoy cooking.  They have tons of options from knife skills 101 to sushi demonstrations.

After the class, we met up with my friend Rachel and some others on 6th Street as a way to say goodbye to her because she's moving back to Fort Worth.  At last call, I got pretty emotional with the realization that one more friend is moving away.  So today I'm paying for my bad decisions of last night, but it's okay because I have nothing to do anyway and can just lay on the couch all day listening to the soothing voice of Jesse Lacey.  

The one time I saw Brand New live it was at La Zona Rosa here in Austin, and I left severely disappointed because it didn't even seem like they wanted to be there.  They just got on stage, played their set and got off without a thank you or any commentary between songs.  Who knows, maybe they were having a bad night.  I just found this video of Jesse Lacey performing my favorite song of theirs, "Coca Cola."  It's a little shaky, but I really like what he has to say in the beginning.  I wish he would have been like this when I saw them a couple of years ago.

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