Sunday Currently

me with my new hair & smokin' hot wolf shirt

Obsessing over:  Tattoos still.  I have GOT to quit talking about it and just do it already!  I know I'm annoying you because I'm definitely annoying myself.  I got my first tattoo at True Blue in downtown Austin, and although I love it and Jose did great work, I decided to research other shops in Austin and peruse a variety of online galleries.  Alas, nothing beats True Blue.  Just check out their website and see for yourself.  I read lots of reviews on Yelp about Rachel and her precision and perfection with shading, so I'm thinking I want her to do my next, which will prrrooobably be the victorian cameo on my forearm.

Working on:  Getting better at being fake-nice.  It's simply something you have to master when you work in the hospitality industry.  Especially during busy peaks like the one we're experiencing now.  It amazes me the things people think I care about.  I REALIZE you have to be downtown in ten minutes, but how is this MY fault and WHY are you yelling at me like I should hire a horse-drawn carriage to come pick your ass up?!  Oh, SXSW, you kill me.

Thinking about:  The lasagna I just put in the oven.  It smells overwhelmingly inviting.

Anticipating:  The end of SXSW and the demise of everyone attending it.

Listening to:  Widowspeak!  New favorite band for sure.  I just stumbled across them on Spotify one day and have been enchanted ever since.

Eating:  Well...about to eat Lasagna and caesar salad.  Yum yum.

Wishing:  It were the 19th, and we were on our way to New Orleans already!  

Peace & blessin's.


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