A Delightful Treat

Sweet, sweet babies.  You just don't understand my relationship with Oreo cookies.  It may seem silly that I'm writing a blog entry about a snack, but as I was dipping them in milk and enjoying every bite just a few minutes ago, I started thinking about 100 years.  March 6th was their 100th anniversary.  It's just so crazy to me that people were eating Oreos back in 1912.  Did they dip them in milk or have a weird way of eating them as the commercials encourage?  I just can't imagine it.  This led me to google search Oreos.  According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, Oreos were first produced by Nabisco in their Chelsea factory in New York!  How hip is that?  They are the absolute coolest cookies ever, being born in NYC and all.  Oreos have had seven different shapes and thirty-seven flavors over time.  Some of these flavors include GREEN TEA Oreos (in China and Japan) and Blueberry Ice Cream Oreos (in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand).  CRAZY.  These limited edition Birthday Cake Oreos are amazing, and I highly suggest you buy them before they're gone.  The cream filling is birthday cake flavored and has sprinkles.  Prepare to be in love.

Thank you for reading through that pointless post.


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