Flashback Friday & A Few Links

My Mom and I at a friend's birthday party // November 2009

Good afternoon, gals and gents.  Hope everyone's Friday is off to a nice beginning.  Mine has been treating me right so far.  Woke up around 9 a.m., read a couple chapters of The Hunger Games, had some honey greek yogurt with granola, berries and coconut for breakfast, and now I'm just relaxing before I start laundry and a little cleaning around the apartment.  I am also currently relishing in the sounds of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally (better known as Beach House), as their new album, Bloom, is streaming on NPR.  So far, "Other People" and "Troublemaker" are my favorite tracks.  

Here are some creepy stuffed animals I found on HelloGiggles.

Something I'm going to try out today - who knew there are so many different ways to clean with distilled white vinegar?!

Check out this post on Keep Austin Stylish about a vintage boutique here in Austin called Charm School Vintage.

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