Quick Little Update

Happy Tuesday, friends!  And happy day off to me :)  So far this morning I've been doing a lot of planning and not a whole lot of doing, haha.  Good or bad, that's just how I function.  I'm a girl of endless to-do lists, never-ending website bookmarks, mini-notepads and planners scattered around my apartment, and an array of random notes saved in my phone.  Some of it will happen, but most will not, at least not in the near future.  I've really been trying to watch what I'm eating, and I think I've made some good base decisions for a healthy lifestyle.  I used to drink at least one soda a day, but now I hardly ever drink them unless I have a bad craving and, in that case, I'll allow myself to have one because I don't want to completely restrict anything - that will only make me want it more, and I refuse to be miserable.  I don't eat as many sweets as I used to either, aside from the batch of homemade peanut butter cookies I made just last night, ha!  I've started making protein shakes for breakfast which will hopefully speed up my metabolism, so I am told, and I'm going to start taking my lunch to work instead of eating the employee plates the kitchen prepares.  I'm sure those are loaded with fat and calories.  Each week before we go grocery shopping, Jason and I plan out two dinner meals each to make the upcoming week.  So that's what I've been doing this morning - picking my meals.  I'm really excited to try these recipes I found on EatingWell and Taste of Home.  I'm going to try homemade tilapia fish sticks with sauteed asparagus in a pecan-vinaigrette, and Asian turkey lettuce wraps with grilled zucchini.  Both of these meals sound so delicious and are both still healthy!  Amazing.

I'm on a mission to finally lose a little weight, get healthy and make
good decisions!  I'm ready to look like this:

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