Watching: Dawson's Creek.  I know I am a SERIOUS late bloomer on this show, but the whole series is streaming on Netflix so I thought I would give it a try.  I'm such a sucker for TV shows, especially the extra dramatic ones with a side of teen angst.  I'm not sure why I never watched the show while it was on.  I guess I was just into other things at the time, plus I've never been a huge fan of Katie Holmes, but I am a true lover of Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson.  I'm somewhat impartial to James Van Der Beek because I'm pretty positive this is the only thing I've ever seen him in.  I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with the show like I was with Gossip Girl.  I only watch a few episodes each week, and I never really have the urge to rush in to the next episode.  I do, however, enjoy the '90s soundtrack and attire!

Listening to: the Eve 6 Pandora station.  I'm not sure how it happened, but a few days ago I got the sudden urge to listen to my old high school favorite, Eve 6, which in turn made me want to listen to some other late '90s - early '00s favorites.  Instead of searching through Spotify for hours tracking down a bunch of old songs, I decided to open up the rarely-utilized Pandora app on my iPhone, and boy am I so happy I did!  Let me tell you.  I was JAMMIN' on my way to work that afternoon - singing every single word of the songs that came on from Blink 182, Sum 41, Lit, Everclear and so on.  Needless to say, that has been my go-to playlist every time I've gotten in the car since then.

Working on: an extensive guide to some of the best restaurants in Austin to give out to guests at the hotel.  We're constantly getting asked for bar and restaurant recommendations, and I feel like I'm always suggesting the same places over and over, and then later on I'll remember other really good places I should have recommended.  So to make it a little easier on everyone I decided to take it upon myself to type up a little (or quite long) list of places complete with hours they're open and helpful tips and suggestions for each one.  It has turned out to be quite a task, but I'm still happy with my decision to take on the project.  I know it will come in handy, and hopefully everyone (staff and guests) will find it beneficial.

Eating: lots of berries, bananas, avocados and chips and salsa!  I just can't seem to get enough chips and salsa.  I ordered some for lunch at Torchy's Tacos the other day, and since then I've made my own delicious homemade salsa and I've been snacking on it constantly!  

Loving: my new confetti mixing bowls by Zak! Designs that my mom sent me!  When I was younger and still living at home, she had a set of the mixing bowls from Crate and Barrel, and I've always been so in love with them!  I know, I know. I'm in love with mixing bowls!  NERD ALERT, but when you love to cook they are your best friends.  Anyway, I've been pining for my own set for years, but never got around to buying some.  I was so elated when I came home from work last night to a package from my mom and even more excited when I opened it and saw my brand new, beautiful set of confetti mixing bowls!

Once again, thanks to Danielle for providing the inspiration for these Currently posts.

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  1. Watching: I've never seen Dawson's creek. have you watched felicity? It has a 90s feel and I really enjoyed it. It was on Netflix.

    Listening: LOL at lit totally remember them and zip-lock
    "If I could get another chance
    I'd put it in a ziplock bag
    And keep it in my pocket
    Keep it in my pocket
    Keep it in my pocket"

    Working on: that list sounds awesome!!! I'd love to see it when you finish!!


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