My Personal Guide to Austin Restaurants

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I have been working on a local restaurant guide to pass out to guests at the hotel.  Guests that aren't familiar with Austin are, of course, frequently asking where to find the best BBQ, tex-mex or brunch spot that's nearby the hotel.  I tried to keep most of the locations within a few miles of the hotel because many people that stay with us do not have cars with them and have to travel via cab or on foot.  With that said, there are many places that I just couldn't bear to leave off the list because they're just that good, so I included a few spots that are a little further outside of the downtown area.  I left out a couple of my favorites and didn't realize it until I'd already saved it as a pdf and printed it out, and I honestly just don't feel like going back in because it took me long enough to finish this thing in the first place!  So without further rambling, here it is --


  1. That is quite the extensive list! I think we need to visit at least a few while I'm up there next weekend :)

  2. Yes! I want to take you guys to Gourdough's! Sooooo yummy.


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