Homemade Body Scrubs

To me, there are few things better than having super-soft, moisturized skin.  I absolutely hate when my skin is dry, especially my hands.  It weirds me out to touch ANYTHING when my hands are dry and scaly.  I keep hand cream in my purse and on my nightstand, and I am constantly guilty of having too many lotions in the bathroom cabinets and/or counter.  I've always loved body scrubs.  The rougher, the better.  

A few months ago, I went to get a pedicure at a local nail salon and decided to splurge and get the "deluxe spa pedicure."  Oh my word.  It was amazing!  The best part was when she used a sugar scrub on my calves, shins and feet.  I could just feel it scrubbing away all the gross dry, dead skin cells and revealing fresh, beautiful soft skin underneath.  I was shocked by what a difference it made, but I really didn't feel like going over to Bath & Body Works to buy a scrub for $20.  So when I got home, I did some research to find out what it would take to make my own.  

Because I am currently obsessed with coconut oil, the first body scrub I made included coconut oil, brown sugar, white sugar and a couple drops of vanilla extract for a sweet scent.  I just mixed up all of the ingredients and scooped it into a small mason jar with a screw-on lid and put it in the shower so I could use it easily while bathing.  

Last week, I decided to make another one because I had run out of the vanilla one a while ago and was missing my super-soft skin!  This time I used coconut oil, lime juice, honey and white sugar.  This one has a very light citrusy scent, and I'm really enjoying it so far! 

There are no limits as to what you can put in your body scrub - after all, it's going on your body!  I've read about some scrubs that use coffee grounds or lavender or tea leaves, and more.  I can't wait to experiment with other ingredients!  I adore my new hobby.  :)



  1. I've received homemade sugar scrub as a gift before and LOVED it! I had no idea it was this easy to make! I can't wait to try :)

  2. I just found a sugar scrub recipe on pinterest that I want to try! It might have been the same as this one but I don't remember if it had honey haha what measurements did you use of each ingredient? Or does that even matter?

  3. For the lime-honey scrub, I used 1 cup of white sugar, a tblsp of honey, juice from two limes and about half a cup of coconut oil. But basically, you just eyeball it, and add a little more of whatever you think it needs.


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